Iowa Recruiting Class Clowns Blowhard Podcaster

The blowhard podcaster referenced in the title of this item would be me.

At one point this summer, I said some things on a podcast along the lines of this recruiting class, off to one of the slowest starts in the KF era, may be cause for deep concerns relative to the racial troubles of the summer of 2020.  I also said it could be due to COVID impacts on official visits and the like, but being honest, I was more concerned about the first issue than the second.

Yesterday was the early signing day and Iowa closed out this class with an absolute flurry, batting nearly 1.000 as they racked up several new defensive commits at the 11th hour which now has me asking a different question about this recruiting class, just five months after voicing my concerns;

Is this the best recruiting class of the Kirk Ferentz era?

I wondered that myself when I saw the star average of 3.24 for this class, but I assumed the 2005 class would still have it beat.  So I dug in and went through the Rivals database and looked up Iowa’s average star ranking for every class back to 2002.  Here is what I found:

Welp…that’s a far cry from the concerns I voiced in July. By the measurement of average star rating, this IS the best class of the Kirk Ferentz era, pending any new additions between now and February. Any additions that are less than four-stars will bring down the average, but right now, by the average star rating measurement, it’s the best Iowa has had. Stunning.

What is also worth noting is that while the 2005 class has the second best average star rating at 3.22, the 2021 Iowa signing class had an average of 3.21. Those are also the only three classes where Iowa has averaged north of three-stars.

Look at this another way; two of the three highest rated recruiting classes in the Ferentz era will be on campus at the same time this summer, and they were back to back classes. That bodes extremely well for the future of the Iowa football program….and opinions relative to its possible demise were absolutely premature and….stupid.

I’ll go sit in the corner now.

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