B1G Power Rankings Week Two

  1. Iowa: Back to back wins against ranked teams to start the season, the first time Iowa has done that since the early 1960’s.  Iowa has the best resume in college football through two games relative to body of work and they finally won that big, national spotlight game that could advance the brand.  That’s not to say Iowa hasn’t won big games in the past, they have…but most have come playing the role of spoiler.  The national spotlight was on the Iowa v Iowa State game this week.  Gameday was there, Iowa State was ranked #9 and it was the only matchup of ranked teams this week.  Iowa won and its defense dominated.  Iowa will be discussed, in a positive fashion, on every sports talk show in the nation on Monday.  Iowa and Penn State are the only teams in the league with wins against ranked teams.
  2. Ohio State: The Buckeyes have a very potent offense, but this year’s defense doesn’t seem to be up to their elite standard through the first two games, as both Minnesota and Oregon ran for over 200 yards against Ohio State.
  3. Penn State: Penn State rolled it up against Ball State this weekend and was a bit more cohesive on offense.  Truth be told, I think Wisconsin is better than Penn State and the Nits were incredibly fortunately, even lucky, to emerge from Madison with the win last week.  But they did, so I will be intellectually dishonest with you and put Penn State third.
  4. Wisconsin: Please don’t assume that Wisconsin is not capable of winning the rest of their regular season games, because they are…and they might.  They may have the league’s best defense (or perhaps Iowa does) and on Saturday against Eastern Michigan, they held their opponent to three first downs and less than 100 yards of total offense, with just 16 yards rushing.
  5. Michigan State: Trounced Youngstown State
  6. Indiana: They hosted and trounced Idaho.  Not sure what you can make of that.  I will keep them here for now, but Michael Penix looked mundane again.
  7. Michigan: A win against Washington sounds good on paper, or at least respective to what Washington has been in recent years.  But Washington definitely looks below their standard, losing to Montana last week before falling in Ann Arbor.
  8. Maryland: They destroyed Howard, but Howard isn’t a good measuring stick.  Last week’s win against West Virginia still stands and this team has athletes…they play Illinois last week, then play against Kent State the week after Iowa plays Kent State, before they face off against Iowa.  By the way, they host Iowa on a Friday night, so it will be a shorter preparation week for Iowa and Maryland.  Iowa will have one more day of preparation opportunity before hosting Penn State.
  9. Rutgers:  They beat Syracuse 17-7 and the box score looked a lot like Iowa’s box score against Iowa State.  Rutgers had less than 200 yards, they ran for just over 50 yards but they were +3 in turnovers, committing none themselves.
  10. Minnesota
  11. Northwestern
  12. Purdue
  13. Illinois
  14. Nebraska

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