B1G Power Rankings Week One

    1. Ohio State: Most teams were sloppy in some area.  OSU was meh and cruised in Minneapolis
    2. Iowa: Hawkeyes make short work of a Top 20 foe at home.  Defense answered a lot of questions I had.  Up front, it might be a no name group right now, but they played gap sound football and got just enough pressure on the passer to make the quarterback, a good and experienced quarterback, think they were closing in on him more than they maybe were.  Staying in your gaps in the passing game is so important, and Iowa showed that by collapsing the pocket on a regular basis, which is very disruptive, even if they don’t get home for the sack.  That’s all this DL needs to do, because the back seven lived up to expectations.  On offense, Spencer Petras looked more in control of his emotions.  Since the Kids Day practice, Iowa has had a lot of shuffling on the OL as there have been several players missing time with various injuries, so not a lot of continuity.  It looked like it.  The good news is that they got away with with and the health seems to be pointing in a better direction, and practices should get better.  Mason Richman looks to be your left tackle.  Not sure that Shooter will be back for the Iowa State game (I doubt it) but he will give the OL more flexibility on his return.
    3. Penn State: Winning in Madison is no easy task.  PSU did it with mirrors, but it’s still a W in Madison.  They averaged just 2.8 yards per rush and their best offense of the day became the vertical passing attack they adjusted to in the second half.  My guess is the Wisco DC Jim Leonard will take that trade off most every week, because most teams are not going to hit several big plays over the top.  Penn State did, but their defense did just enough in this game, holding Wisconsin to 3.0 yards per carry on 58 Wisconsin rushing attempts.
    4. Wisconsin: They were minus three (zero for PSU) in turnovers, including two in the redzone.  Penn State blocked a Wisconsin field goal in the first half and the Badgers fumbled real close to the goal line.  Penn State had just one first down in the first half, and Wisconsin ‘outfirstdowned’ PSU 29-11 in this game and held the ball for 42:51.  Honestly, Wisconsin losing this game with the statistical profile it had  winning felt like a 1 out of 20 times shot, but this was the one out of 20 times.  As much as I would love to shovel dirt on the Badgers, their defense looks like it’s going to be very good again (Penn State had to abandon most everything except trying deep vertical shots).  Their offense will likely get better, but the one hesitancy I have is that last year’s Penn State defense was not all that hot.  They allowed nearly 28 points per game.  PSU recruits enough high level talent for year over year makeovers, but the Badgers should have come away with over 20 points in this game as it was, but they failed to capitalize.
    5. Michigan State: I never know how good Northwestern is going to be, but MSU looked very impressive.  Over 500 yards of total offense and over 300 on the ground, averaging nearly nine yards per carry against a Pat Fitzgerald defense?  What?
    6. Indiana: Their defense was just fine, as Iowa’s offense scored 20 points and even three of those were thanks to the defense.  Their offense just needs to make the makeables, but Iowa’s defense looks to be legit once again.
    7. Michigan: I guess?  Hard to say given they played Western Michigan
    8. Maryland: Taulia Tagovailoa was 26/36 for 332 yards, 3TD and no INT in win over West Virginia
    9. Rutgers: They scored 61 points.  Yes, it was against Temple who also committed five turnovers to zero for Rutgers, but this is a program that has played with new life since the return of Greg Schiano to the sidelines.
    10. Illinois:  Yes, they lost to UTSA.  But this is a really good UTSA team, possibly the best they’ve had and full of playmakers, and this is still year one of the Bielema rebuild of a moribund program.
    11. Minnesota: If Mo Ibrahim injured his Achilles, as seems to be the fear in Minneapolis, the Gophers 2021 season is in peril just as it’s beginning.  They can still be a salty club without him, but he is one of the best, hardest-running backs in the future and Minnesota’s OL is better this year than it was last year.  Defensively, that may be another question.  Ohio State was not at its best with a new QB who looked new and they still put up 45 points.
    12. Northwestern: They allowed a single running back to gain 264 yards on the ground against them on Friday night.  They allowed 8.8 yards per rush.  The defense was fantastic last year…this year…that’s a tough start.  They were down 28-7 heading into the 4th quarter.  I am not ready to write them off just yet, as they have looked pedestrian more often than not in early September. However, those are some alarming numbers.
    13. Purdue: The Boilers may not deserve to be here.  Maybe I should put them higher.  But honestly, does it matter?
    14. Nebraska: The Huskers put up some points and yards over Fordham.  Buffalo will offer a better test this coming week before they face Oklahoma.

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