Garza Inks Two-Way Contract with Pistons

Luka Garza has had a dream to be an NBA player.  On the heels of a strong rookie league performance the past few weeks, he is going to see that dream realized.

For the uninitiated, a two-way contract allows NBA teams to essentially control the rights to two additional players over the maximum 15-man rosters they carry in the regular season.

While Garza is on the Piston’s G-League team, he will earn a pro-rated salary of $84,414, and while he is on the NBA roster, he will earn a pro-rated salary of $925,000.  There are 82 NBA regular season games, so divide 925,000 by 82 to get you $11,280 per game.  If he is on the Pistons roster for just nine games, he would earn $101,524…and then he would earn the lions share of the $84,414 G-League salary for the rest of the time.  You can run the math for other examples.

Regardless, and more important than the money, Garza is going to get a legitimate shot to achieve his dream.  Why do I say regardless and more important than the money?

If it was just about the money for Luka, he would not have played his senior season at Iowa, as he had lucrative, seven-figure contracts waiting for him in Europe.  He still does.  But that’s not what he set out to do.


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