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Yes, another Iowa Hawkeye website. It’s Jon Miller and Marc Morehouse…we have both been around the block…we’ve written over 10,000 combined articles and blog posts…thousands of call in radio shows as either guests or hosts. We’ve combined to record well over 1000 podcast episodes in our time; Marc with the On Iowa Podcast and Jon with the HN Podcast. We both retired at some point within the past 14 months and we both realized we missed several aspects of what we have been doing for a combined 50 years. Each of us also missed interacting with sports fans, specifically, Iowa Hawkeye sports fans.

So here we are and here you are. We thank you for taking some time out of your day to pay this new corner of the interwebs a visit. We hope to entertain you in the coming days, weeks, months and years. Be it through written blog posts, our live video broadcasts (at night during the week and after weekend games) that you will play a key part in or our podcasts.

You will see advertisers on this site, but they will be brands and companies that are local. Some names may even be familiar to you, some products, though made or provided locally in Iowa can also be accessed outside the state’s borders. We would greatly appreciate you giving them a look and a chance to earn your business, as they keep the lights on around here. We are not going to do the national ad network thing, as we want to keep this endeavor a secure and safe browsing experience for all of our users. So if you would consider whitelisting this site if you are running an ad blocker, we would appreciate that, too. You will begin seeing banners from our sponsors next week.

We don’t have message boards here, nor do we have commenting on our posts and we don’t have plans for either of those things. That’s not because we don’t want to hear from you, but we want to make sure things remain civilized here amidst a world where such discourse is lacking. You can always find us on twitter, Jon @hawkeyepodcast and Marc @marcmorehouse. You can find us in the comments section during our live broadcasts at You can email us at jon at hawkeyepodcast dot com or marc at hawkeyepodcast dot com. You can also check us out on Facebook at this link. We are not hiding from you and we look forward to hearing from you, while at the same time making this website an escape from the real world, where topics can get heavy and divisive.

We want to be the antithesis of heavy and divisive. If the world of heavy topics and Hawkeye sports intersect, we will write and talk about such things. But our primary goal is to have fun. We want to have fun doing the work we intend to do. Being that the two of us have been around the block a few times, we also have learned to not take ourselves to seriously….yes, even Jon has learned that lesson.

Having said all that, we thank you. We thank you for the time you have given to us through the years in reading our articles and posts, in listening to our podcasts and interacting with us in any way that you have. We thank you for giving this site a look, and for subscribing to our Youtube channel and podcast feeds, if that is something you feel like doing and for bookmarking this site.

There may be a few bugs or ghosts in the machine as we get the website off the ground, so please pardon our progress. We look forward to entertaining you and having a lot of fun together.

PS: Our podcast can already be found at most every major podcast app. CLICK HERE for the current list of active locations where our podcast is live.

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