Projecting the Big Ten Basketball Tournament

Hawkeyes could rise to three seed for the Big Ten Tournament

Iowa hosts Nebraska and Wisconsin to end the regular season, two games they should win. IF they do win those games, they have put themselves in position to rise to the third seed in the Big Ten tournament. Here is what I see the final Big Ten standings looking like, projecting the remaining games:


This is predicated on Iowa winning both of its games, Purdue winning it’s final game against Indiana and Illinois beating Ohio State this weekend. Here is what the resulting bracket would look like:

If Ohio State beats Illinois and Iowa wins its final two games AND Purdue beats Indiana, the Hawkeye would still be the three-seed and Purdue and Ohio State would tie in the win column. Purdue would be 13-6 with Ohio State 13-7. Purdue will not have played a game against Nebraska. Purdue would still get the four-seed and the Buckeyes would still be the five, as Purdue beat Ohio State twice this year.

So for Iowa, if they win their next two games, they are a lock for the three-seed in the Big Ten tournament.

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